Dash Data Partners

After hundreds of deployments, we have chosen to partner with software vendors that we feel represent best of breed offerings. Many of these tools integrate very cleanly together, are easy to use, and have a significant impact on our clients’ efficiency.


Box was the original enterprise cloud content management system having been developed a full two years before Dropbox, while also exclusively targeting the modern enterprise as a client. We do work with many other cloud content vendors, however over 80% of our deployments include box as the content management system. Box has achieved numerous security compliance ratings including HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, SOC I II and III, and FINRA. Further, Box’s Onecloud app store includes more complete two way integrations with other cloud tools than any other platform, allowing our team to create the most efficient workflow for our clients.


MXHero’s suite of products aptly named “Mail2Cloud” is changing the way email communication and back up is executed. First, they have created tools that automatically organize and store email and email attachments inside box in keyword searchable PDF formats. This allows enterprises (especially in the legal, financial, government, and medical world) to securely archive, access, search, and collaborate on email content from any device in any location. They also allow for functionality like self destructing emails and automated email tracking. It’s no wonder Gartner has chosen them as one of the “Cool Vendors of 2015!”


Since entering/creating the digital signature market in 2005, DocuSign has maintained itself as the leader in digital and mobile signatures. With the introduction of smart phones and tablets, DocuSign solidified its value to enterprise consumers by way of the most extreme efficiency ever accomplished in the world of contracts and signatures. With their robust API and existing content management integrations, DocuSign has virtually eliminated lag time between contract creation and signature, as well as lost documents.


Organizations that cater to clients and/or vendors who still leverage faxes have numerous eFax solutions to choose from. Hellofax, similar to docusign, has a very robust API. This allows for clean integrations into cloud content management solutions. Hellofax is an easy to use, low cost alternative for companies that are looking to remove large fax machines, stay digital, and reduce or remove paper and ink overhead. By leveraging Hellofax with a cloud content management system like Box, all content remains digital, searchable, and provides an ease of collaboration never before possible with physical faxing solutions.