Dash Data and the Small Business Administration

A week ago, Dash Data announced it had teamed up with technology powerhouses like Linkedin, Box, Facebook, Yelp, Bench and others to provide guidance to the small businesses of America. The Small Business Administration organized the joining of these organizations.

The main goal of this coalition is to assist small and medium sized businesses with maintaining relevance into the future, and ultimately assisting them to thrive by providing free resources necessary to learn how to adopt modern technology platforms.

Over half of small businesses do not have a website, let alone a CRM, cloud content management system, social media account, or even digital accounting services. In order to simply stay relevant into the next decade, a business of any size must start leveraging these tools. Gartner has estimated this year alone (2016), there will be almost 6.5 billion “things” connected to the internet- phones tablets, laptops, even cars now, and other devices. This is an increase of 30% in just one year; by 2020 the estimate is over 20 billion connected devices. Even brick and mortar type businesses must have the ability to operate in a digital world.

The SBATC has been tasked with providing a resource to assist the half of businesses that do not know where to begin when contemplating the adoption of new technology.

Dash Data’s core foundation is to assist with the transition to a cloud environment; we are not tied to a single product, but thrive on an idea of a clean, secure, mobile, and paperless workflow for others. The marriage to the SBA’s goal of assisting small businesses with all types of technology is in perfect alignment with our founding principals. It is also because of the use of this technology (and our staff’s background in working with it), that even as a small business ourselves; we are able to contribute on a national and even global scale to this cause- right alongside our big brothers and sisters.

With that, we ask that you share the SBA Technology Coalition’s website and help us push our collective message and free resources out to as many small businesses as you know so they may gain the knowledge required to thrive for years to come. You can stay connected with other supporters and small businesses by using the hashtag #SmallBizTech. See you in the cloud!