Dash Data quickly converts your office to a paperless, digital organization saving you valuable time and space. With our 25 years of technology experience, we dramatically reduce storage costs, improve workflow efficiency, and provide you training to use and maintain your new system.

Content Management

Dash Data has several services to choose from to organize your content ranging from scanning and shredding, to complex data migrations.

Scanning Documents

With one click you’ve found that file that has been buried in storage for 5 years. No more hunting through file cabinets, storage units, or paying to call up boxes of old content from expensive storage companies. The best part, you found that document your CXO was looking for securely on your smart phone while riding the light rail home from work.

Dash Data has a trained team of qualified professionals that will digitize your paper documents. Repurposing your in house staff to scan paperwork is not an effective use of their time or business resources, nor will the accuracy be to the level of our professionals.

Our team of scanners are specifically trained and experienced in optimizing paper documents into a digital environment. They are all HIPAA certified and background checked, and are capable of handling content with the strictest federal regulations.

Our expertise goes well beyond simply hitting a button on a scanner. Our scanners can:

  • Prep content for scanning
  • Prioritize and organize your documents based on your new workflow.
  • De-Duplicate content so you are only storing one version of your content.
  • Utilize an agreed upon naming convention to maximum accuracy.
  • Convert your data to a searchable format
  • Complete your job in an extremely short timeframe so that your business can start operating at top efficiency now!

Digital Consolidation

Up to 20% of time in office management jobs are spent looking for documents, and typically3% of documents get lost permanently. On average, it costs a company up to $120 in labor to find a single misfiled document, and $220 to reproduce a lost document.

One of the most common challenges we see is content sprawl. Most businesses have documents stored in paper form across multiple locations, in digital form saved to Multiple systems (i.e. Dropbox, Email, Shared Drives, CRM Solutions. Documents get lost, deteriorate, and outdated versions of documents get used when they shouldn’t. If you have more than one location where your content is stored. You are losing productivity and potentially important content.

Dash Data can help you aggregate all your content including physical paper into a single, easy to use system. We will reduce or eliminate your current document costs, and add hours back to your team’s work week.