Dash Data offers various consulting services to ensure your project is custom tailored to your needs.


You’ve made the decision to eliminate paper from your workflow, harness the power of new cloud software, or get rid of a backlog of digital and paper files. Great, but how and where do you get started? Dash Data can help you through each of these steps. We will come on site to your business and work with you and your team to fully understand exactly how you currently operate, and how you want to operate. By analyzing your current procedures and taking into account your operational goals, we can custom design your new processes to increase adoption of new processes


Whether you are looking for new software and tools, or if you’ve already purchased them, we can help maximize your efficiency. With personalized on site analysis, we can ensure the right tools will be selected for your specific needs and even help with contract negotiation, or alternatively we can make sure you’re using your existing solutions to the best capacity.

Our team has over 20 years of cloud and digital strategy expertise, we partner with best of breed cloud technology providers, and have the experience of hundreds of deployments in almost every industry saving you time. We are offering that experience to you to assist with making the transition to a new digital workflow or cloud based system as clean as possible.

We will help you build your digital ecosystem and make it successful.


Once the Dash Data team has a thorough understanding of your workflow, selected the proper systems, and developed a plan for your deployment, we can train your staff on your new processes. We can create some custom training for your staff and workflow, or we can provide high level introductory training to the software you have purchased to keep costs down. We also can teach your staff how to use some of the existing technology more effectively based on our workflow analysis. Ultimately, you decide what the cost of your deployment should be, and we assist with making your team as successful as possible.