Dash Data provides ongoing support to our clients to ensure there is always a resource for questions.

First Tier Support

We provide tier 1 support services with a 24 hour guaranteed response time. Simply call or email us and a live person will either answer directly or be in touch within 24 hours to help solve your issue. These services apply to any of the products we have deployed. This service even applies if you happen to forget a nifty shortcut you learned from our staff in training- just give us a call and we’ll assist. We do not offshore our support, you will be speaking with a live person based in the United States who has the knowledge to trouble shoot any of your challenges.

Ticket Escalation

In the rare event that the Dash Data staff is unable to solve the technical issue you or your team is facing, we will handle opening a support ticket with the appropriate software company or vendor. This service frees you from sitting on hold and wasting your time while you explain to the vendor’s offshore support team repeatedly what your issue is with the risk of being disconnected. Since we are so well engrained in this industry, we are able to bypass this frustration and go direct to higher tier support. At the very least we will get the proper technician on the phone with you and have the case prepped so you do not waste any time going through standard support channels at any of the major technology firms.

Refresher Training

With our support services we offer a 30 minute remote refresher training for you and your staff that can be leveraged every quarter. We provide share screen technology to walk through any challenges you are facing, or shortcuts that members of your team may have forgotten. To take advantage of our quarterly refresher trainings, simply sign up for our support services, call or email us, and schedule the training with one of our team members. We can customize it to the exact tools and processes you would like to review.